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燕赵风彩20选5开奖结果 www.polkj.com Telecommunication customers account for a largest portion of our revenue, with over 20,000 of our employees serving the customers from the telecommunication industry. The major customers include Huawei, China Mobile and China Telecom, etc. Huawei is our important strategic partner, and meanwhile we are also one of the core suppliers of Huawei’s IT services.

The Company has been fully involved in Huawei's carrier business, corporate business and consumer business, cooperating with various sectors of Huawei to provide software development, testing, internal IT system construction and other services.

At present, for the telecommunication billing and mobile payment and other products in the fields of Huawei's telecom software, public cloud operation and maintenance, and process-oriented IT operation, the Company can take over customization and delivery responsibilities for entire projects. The Company keeps on in-depth cooperation with Huawei and makes full docking in terms of technology development, marketing, program delivery to serve the telecom operator customers of Huawei. At the same time, the Company is expanding the breadth and depth of cooperation with Huawei in big data and cloud technology to actively combine Huawei’s technologies with the industry advantages of the Company. The cooperation between the Company and Huawei will remain to be our core business to pursue sustained business development and enhanced capacity building. In line with Huawei’s operator business, the Company is deploying the customized development and delivery capabilities for the solutions intended for telecom operators; corresponding to Huawei’s consumer business, the Company is deploying the platform and data service; around Huawei’s enterprise business, the Company is deploying the new ICT services.

The Company is one of the earliest suppliers of design, development and operation of mobile Internet platforms, and one of the largest suppliers of professional development and adaptation services for mobile client in China. The company is a leader to provide comprehensive customized mobile Internet solutions, covering product planning, software development, project management and operation service. As a trusted partner of telecom operators and telecom equipment manufacturers in China, and terminal manufacturers at home and abroad, the Company provides design, development and business promotion services for value-added products such as converged communications, mobile payment, mobile instant messaging, enterprise microblog, mobile application store, PTT (push to talk), embedded browser and mobile advertising platform. Based on the development and operation of Fetion, the Company has established a long-term strategic partnership with China Mobile to continuously develop the mobile Internet market with customer relationships and resources from each other. The company partners with Orange financial company under China Telecom to provide development and operation services, including program development, data clearing and settlement, risk control and credit investigation services for major platforms such as Orange consumer finance platform, Orange financial management platform, Orange credit investigation platform, and payment platform.