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燕赵风彩20选5开奖结果 www.polkj.com In the sector of public utilities, the Company is a leader in the solution market of pan-traffic area of public transportation, rail transportation, and airport management after accumulating professional experience over years. We have built three "First-in-China" systems: the first all-in-one card payment and settlement system for urban transportation, the first payment system for transfer in urban rail transportation and the first automatic fare collection (AFC) system with independent intellectual property rights in China.

The company provides solutions for all-in-one card system, automatic fare collection system (AFC), AFC Clearing Centre (ACC), intelligent transport and airport operation management system, together with integration, operation and maintenance services for professional applications. The all-in-one card solution has been applied in more than 30 cities, with more than 100 million cards issued, which have weathered the test of huge traffic volume. Base on the continuous development of existing solutions, the Company will continue to build and enhance its service ability for the industry.