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Legal Notices

Use of Website

燕赵风彩20选5开奖结果 www.polkj.com The users shall use the content of this website on the following terms, unless otherwise specified:

Do not duplicate, keep, edit, revise, combine, image, forward, publish, demonstrate or copy any content of this website or use any content of this website for any unauthorized commercial purpose without the written permission of Chinasoft International.

To excerpt or reprint any original article of this website, ask Chinasoft International for written permission, specify the information source (source: official website of Chinasoft International) in a prominent position and make sure the true meaning of the original article is reflected. Chinasoft International shall reserve the right of taking further legal measures against any falsification or misrepresentation of the true meaning of our original articles and any unauthorized excerpt or reprint of our original articles without specifying the information source. To excerpt or reprint any information on this website provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals, contact the relevant rights holder. Chinasoft International and this website shall not be held legally liable for any affair related to such information.

Chinasoft International shall have the right to disallow any user from accessing and using this website at any time in any case.

Chinasoft International shall reserve the right of holding the relevant responsible enterprise or individual liable if it identifies any user act as illegal or against the interests of Chinasoft International and this website.