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Zker Platform

I. ZKER College – IT Learning & Social Platform Oriented at Enterprise Demands

燕赵风彩20选5开奖结果 www.polkj.com 1. Resource provision:

Solve the problem of scarcity of case resources in teachers’ practical teaching; track students’ learning process; construct effective modes for teacher-student interaction; promote school-enterprise information sharing.

Resource integration

The socialized online learning platform based on cloud computing model provides one-stop teaching and learning services for IT teachers and students, promotes the reform of teaching mode, and improves the teaching quality.

3. Resource reuse:

Build the digital course resource construction and teaching union; promote the school-enterprise and school-school co-construction and sharing of specialized teaching resources and application services.

II. Platform Support

1. Assist teachers in their teaching

Online teaching

Training management

Courseware base

Case library

Question library

Big data analysis for students’ learning

2. Help students in their learning

Individualized online learning

Online training

Community communication

Ability evaluation

Employment service

Innovation and entrepreneurship

III. Content-driven

1. Specialized courseware

Oriented at enterprise demands, provide courseware resources on Java, C/C++, Android, iOS front-end web, cloud computing and big data, software engineering and other technical areas, and also courseware resources for career planning guidance and innovation & entrepreneurship.

The specialized courseware is constructed based on the specialized knowledge system and presented in the form of micro video. Every micro video corresponds to a complete knowledge point, and they are independent from and also connected with each other, greatly satisfying the requirements of fragmented learning.

2. Cases

Cases are classified into course design cases, special subject cases, framework cases, and industry cases, which can be used in course design, short-term practice, enterprise training, graduation project, etc..

Case resources include training guidance manual, reference realization code, software engineering specifications (including requirement specification, prototype design document, system design specification, test report, installation and operation manual), etc.; some cases contain “step by step” guidance videos, which can greatly improve the practical teaching level of the college.

3. Examination questions

Examination questions include chapter questions and course questions. Chapter questions refer to questions for content of a certain chapter, which can be used in class examination, stage test and homework. Course questions refer to questions for a certain course, allowing manual or automatic formation of examination papers with the question library, which can be used in mid-term or final examinations.

IV. Deep Integration

1. Cooperative Targets

Innovation of talent training mode; co-construction and sharing of education resources

Co-construction of provincial and national innovation and entrepreneurship bases

Co-declaration for provincial and national teaching achievement prize

2. Cooperation content

2.1 Co-construction and Sharing

Through independent in-school deployment based on the “ZKER College” platform, construct the education public service platform for Internet education of colleges and universities by school-enterprise cooperation

Develop courseware resources for crosswise projects by school-enterprise cooperation; encourage teachers to participate in making specialized courseware

Carry out O2O teaching based on socializing mode by school-enterprise cooperation

Colleges and universities dispatch outstanding young and middle-aged teachers to take temporary posts at “ZKER College” of ICS&S and participate in product design, development and operation of the Internet IT education platform

2.2 Innovation & Entrepreneurship

2.2.1 Innovation Training – Innovation Works

Through “ZKER College”, ICS&S provides plenty of specialized courseware contents with innovation and entrepreneurship characteristics, i.e., “Internet +” knowledge courseware combining innovation and entrepreneurship, such as payment interface, WeChat platform development, map LBS, RFID and other Internet and mobile Internet development technologies. It aims to improve the innovation and entrepreneurship ability of students with specialized technical capacity.

Meanwhile, ICS&S provides “Internet +” innovation training project cases. Students will be guided by college teachers or project managers of ICS&S to realize projects step by step according to the software engineering process.

2.2.2 Entrepreneurship Training – Excellency Developer Studio

ICS&S supports the establishment of student learning organizations, such as computer association and software development association. Through selection of “ZKER College” campus ambassador and other activities, it aims to enhance students’ interest in and enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the student organizations, guidance is offered for students to set up the “Excellency Developer Studio”. By undertaking ICS&S’s outsourcing projects, students will be trained in innovation and entrepreneurship.

ICS&S will, employing the reward mode and according to relevant conditions and standards, select outstanding project submissions by student teams and offer material rewards.

2.2.3 Entrepreneurship Practice – Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bases

Construct innovation and entrepreneurship bases by school-enterprise cooperation relying on “ZKER College”. These bases will provide innovation and entrepreneurship training, technical lectures, entrepreneurship discussions, business negotiation, project roadshow, case show, hardware design, software development and cloud computing services for innovation factories and Excellency Developer Studio, and also provide comprehensive services for innovation & entrepreneurship trainees and entrepreneurship teams.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bases:

(1) Invite star instructors in entrepreneurship to communicate with students and offer practical experience in entrepreneurship.

(2) Provide entrepreneurial incubation funds to help students achieve quick practice and learn and grow through continuous practice.

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