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Practical Training

燕赵风彩20选5开奖结果 www.polkj.com The Excellency Training Center (ETC) and the Excellency Experience Center (EEC) under Education and Technology Group of Chinasoft constitute a core part of ICS&S’s talent strategy. Undertaking the task of talent reserve and training during development of the Group, these centers serve as important talent support platforms for rapid development of software and outsourcing businesses, driving the Group grow at a high speed.

With the rapid development of ICS&S’s core businesses, especially software outsourcing business, the Group’s demand for talents increases year by year. In such context, based in the “ICS&S Training Center” that is well-known in the industry and relying on the training experience accumulated over 30 years, the Group has made great investments in R&D of the “5R (5Real) ” training course system (5R means real work environment, real project manager, real project cases, real work pressure, and real work opportunities). In 2006, it set up the first “ICS&S Software Talent Training Base” (presently the ETC in Beijing) in ICS&S Software Park, Changping District, Beijing.

In order to respond to the national policy and train software talents faster and better in a larger scale, ICS&S made investments to establish the Education and Technology Group of Chinasoft (Headquarters of the ETC), and also build large IT training bases and regional talent service centers in over 20 areas besides Beijing, including Changsha, Dalian, Wuxi, Chongqing, Xiamen, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, etc.. Having successfully copied the business pattern of the ETC in Beijing, these bases closely follow up local and industry demands to quickly set up teams and initiate training services. At present, the total business area of the bases all over China exceeds 50,000m2, which can accommodate more than 10,000 trainees; also, they have established stable cooperative relationships with over 500 colleges and universities for talent training and practice. Currently, the annual training scale exceeds 50,000 persons. Through cooperation with higher education institutions, the bases provide practice and training opportunities for numerous students, greatly enhancing their employability upon graduation. It has become a top IT practice and training organization in China.

The content of training provided by the ETC consists of two parts: practical training for technical projects, and professional quality training. The technical part covers Java, front-end web, .Net, C/C++, software testing, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, etc., and involves such core businesses as European and American software outsourcing, Japanese software outsourcing, Japanese BPO, finance and insurance, telecommunications and e-government. It successfully developed the mobile Internet and Internet of Things experimental box products in 2011, and developed the Internet-based training platform in 2013 to train urgently-needed talents in this area based on higher standards. Graduated trainees will be selected to practice and work at ICS&S, or be recommended to other famous software or Internet companies in China.

Since 2009, the ETC has been in closer and increasingly innovative cooperation with colleges and universities. In the brand-new business patterns such as N+1 joint training, and joint construction of software colleges, service outsourcing college and specialties, new fields have been explored for the school-enterprise cooperation. So far, over 64 colleges and universities have signed the Agreement for “Deep Cooperation between School and Enterprise”, which will train engineering software talents for ICS&S and the industry more stably in the long run.

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