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Intelligent Laboratories

燕赵风彩20选5开奖结果 www.polkj.com The content of training provided by ICS&S consists of two parts: practical training in technical projects, and professional quality training. The technical part covers Java, .Net, C/C++, software testing, 3G, Internet of Things, etc., and involves such core businesses as European and American software outsourcing, Japanese software outsourcing, Japanese BPO, finance and insurance, telecommunications and e-government. In 2011, it successfully developed the mobile Internet and Internet of Things experimental box products to train urgently-needed talents in this area based on higher standards.

Aimed at intelligence, wisdom and innovation, the laboratories of ICS&S carry out construction and improvement according to the concept of CDIO engineering, and focus on the training of engineering and application talents. The construction of fundamental practice teaching and engineering laboratories is of great significance to the enhancement of students’ comprehensive quality, the promotion of student employment, the improvement of automated, embedded, Internet of Things and mobile Internet research environments, and the enhancement of scientific research strength.

The laboratories of ICS&S are constructed in three steps:

Step 1: Construct fundamental laboratories. Complete training of main knowledge and skills and virtual training of actual engineering for plan design, software program realization, communication mode selection, and upper computer control interface design of a system project.

Step 2: Construct training laboratories, including comprehensive training platform and intelligent sand table management platform. The main function is to train students in engineering plan design, sensor selection, communication mode selection and monitoring interface program design by using automated, embedded, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other communication control technologies based on fundamental experiments.

Step 3: Construct industry laboratories. The main function is to train students’ occupational transfer ability, i.e., the skill of applying the Internet of Things technology in system engineering installation and application debugging in different industries; for example, smart home training platform, intelligent transportation simulation training platform, intelligent agriculture simulation platform, and intelligent warehousing management platform. Also, achieve mobile communication and control of monitoring terminals in Internet of Things application system engineering through Android mobile Internet.