Practice and Training of College Students

The Excellency Training Center (ETC) and the Excellency Experience Center (EEC) under Education and Technology Group of Chinasoft constitute a core part of CSI’s talent strategy. Undertaking the task of talent reserve and training during development of the Group, these centers serve as important talent support platforms for rapid development of software and outsourcing businesses, driving the Group grow at a high speed.

CSI and Universities

Industry Status Analysis

Employment Situation Analysis

Cooperative Targets

Partner Institutions

Partner Universities

  • Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities
  • Yancheng Teachers University
  • Taiyuan University of Technology
  • Xiamen Institute of Technology
  • Changzhou University
  • Beijing Jiaotong Vocational Technical College
  • Baise Vocational College
  • Changzhou College of Information Technology
  • Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology
  • Shandong College of Information Technology
  • Changshu Institute of Technology
  • Wuchang Shouyi University
  • Nantong Polytechnic College
  • Jishou University
  • Taizhou University
  • Wuhan Technology and Business University
  • Shaoguan University
  • Jinling Institute of Technology
  • BOHAI University
  • Changchun College of Information Technology
  • Sanjiang University
  • Liaoning Jianzhu Vocational College
  • Harbin University
  • Nanjing Institute of Technology
  • Changchun Guanghua University
  • Harbin Guangxia College
  • Tianjin Normal University
  • Liaoning Forestry Vocational Technical College
  • Tianjin Polytechnic University
  • Gannan Normal University
  • Heilongjiang International University
  • Xinyu University
  • Heilongjiang College of Business and Technology
  • Jiangxi University of Science and Technology Software College
  • Hubei University of Technology Engineering and Technology College
  • Nantong University
  • Chengyi University College, Jimei University

Employment Situation Analysis

Talents are considered as the core resource of the software industry. Vigorous training for high-quality talents is the key for China’s software industry to realize the development planning of the Ministry and Industry and Information Technology and achieve the growth from RMB 390 billion in 2005 to over RMB 1000 billion in 2010. In comparison with leading countries in the software industry, there will be a shortage of at least 200,000 top talents in China’s software industry in the future five years, and the annual pay for top talents with high comprehensive strength will exceed RMB 1 million.

Three types of talents are needed for all software enterprises: First, senior software talents mastering techniques, industry knowledge and management; second, system analysis and design personnel, referred to as software engineers; third, personnel at primary technical posts or base programmers proficient in programming. The critical shortage of junior programmers is not only a weakness in the development of China’s software industry, but also a common problem faced by the software industry around the world.

Cooperative Targets

CSI, based on the following points, is willing to cooperate with higher education institutions to achieve joint training and deepen school-enterprise cooperation:

1. The college has set up the goal of training high-quality talents. Applying the school-enterprise cooperation mode, it intends to jointly push forward the reform of teaching materials and course system, popularize new teaching methods and means, and improve the innovation and practical ability training system.

2. As a large-sized enterprise well-known in China and in the industry, CSI has great technical strength and strong capability of absorbing fresh graduates. The ETC training base, as a national practice and training base for college students in software engineering that is certified by the Ministry of Education, possesses a sound teaching system, complete teaching facilities, and a practical and capable project manager team. It is willing to build deep school-enterprise cooperation in joint recruitment, course replacement, etc..

3. Based on the principle of “learning from each other, labor division and cooperation, and complementing each other’s advantages”, the cooperating parties will conduct beneficial exploration in new specialties and disciplines and move forward to train characteristic talents through school-enterprise cooperation, which will powerfully promote the rapid development of specialty and discipline construction. They will implement joint recruitment of college students with school-enterprise cooperation as the orientation, improve students’ comprehensive quality, techniques and skills with student employment as the outcome. Also, they will endeavor to resolve the contradiction between supply (student employment) and demand (enterprise’s demand for talents), and achieve connection among schools, enterprise and students.

4. Features of cooperation: Realize the talent training mode combining “Three-double Training” (Double-teacher, Double-class, Double-base) and “Talent Employment Service Eco-chain” under the support of platform management; emphasize both fundamentals and practice in training, and stress skill improvement; continuously enhance students’ occupational skills and competitiveness through archive establishment, teaching, training, evaluation, assessment, practice, pre-employment, transmission by category and other processes, so as to train urgently needed project software talents for the economic society and make contributions to local economic development.

Industry Status Analysis

The software industry is a key point that stimulates China’s economic growth. According to surveys, the IT industry has made great contributions to China’s economic growth, while software plays a decisive role in the IT industry and becomes a catalyst that promotes economic growth and creates economic opportunities.

According to data from IDC, under the influence of global easy monetary policy, the global IT spending (including the software industry) will increase by 6.9% in 2012. It is expected that the IT spending in the emerging markets will grow by 13.8%, and the growth rate of IT consumer spending in China will be the highest, reaching 15.3% or so. By the second half of 2012, China will replace Japan as the second largest spender in the software market.

Intelligent Laboratories

The content of training provided by CSI consists of two parts: practical training in technical projects, and professional quality training. The technical part covers Java, .Net, C/C++, software testing, 3G, Internet of Things, etc., and involves such core businesses as European and American software outsourcing, Japanese software outsourcing, Japanese BPO, finance and insurance, telecommunications and e-government. In 2011, it successfully developed the mobile Internet and Internet of Things experimental box products to train urgently-needed talents in this area based on higher standards.

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IT Learning & Social Platform

Resource provision
Solve the problem of scarcity of case resources in teachers’ practical teaching; track students’ learning process; construct effective modes for teacher-student interaction; promote school-enterprise information sharing.

Career Development

Professional and authoritative global IT certification center:
The Training Center is a gold partner of numerous international manufactures such as Oracle, RedHat, Microsoft, Cisco and IBM, and also the first strategic partner of Microsoft and RedHat after their entry into China. With advanced testing environment, the Center becomes an authorized testing center of Prometric and VUE, two international testing companies. It enables trainees to take IT certification tests of various international manufacturers more conveniently and quickly.

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CSI Excellency Experience Center (Beijing)

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