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Career Development

I. Industry Advantages

燕赵风彩20选5开奖结果 www.polkj.com 1. Professional and authoritative global IT certification center:

The Training Center is a gold partner of numerous international manufactures such as Oracle, RedHat, Microsoft, Cisco and IBM, and also the first strategic partner of Microsoft and RedHat after their entry into China. With advanced testing environment, the Center becomes an authorized testing center of Prometric and VUE, two international testing companies. It enables trainees to take IT certification tests of various international manufacturers more conveniently and quickly.

2. Industry experience integrating software technology and software management:

As a large-sized software company with more than 10,000 employees, which is rarely seen in China, ICS&S has undertaken a great number of national-level large system integration projects, accumulated abundant experience in providing application solutions for telecommunications, banking, tobacco and other big data industries, and formed professional course systems in demand analysis, system architecture, project management, data mining and other high-end technologies.

3. Numerous successful cases:

Over years, the Center has been working hard in the field of enterprise training, and has maintained good cooperative relationships with numerous partners. The industries it serves involve finance, telecommunications, information technology, government and SASAC, taxation, audit, etc.. It provides long-term training consulting services for hundreds of enterprises and public institutions.

4. Key successful cooperation cases:

In 2002, it was authorized by the former Ministry of Information Industry to take charge of the training for senior project managers and project managers of national system integration enterprises;

In 2003, upon entrustment by the State Council Informatization Office, it undertook the project of “Research on the Cadre Informationization and E-government Knowledge and Skill Training Standard”;

In early 2004, it undertook the “Enterprise and Government CIO” training course development and design task entrusted by the Ministry of Information Technology, and successfully trained ten thousands of talents nationwide, winning high trust and recognition by government departments;

II. Service Catalog

According to industry characteristics and enterprise’s actual situations, it provides tailored technology and technology management training for on-the-job trainees. Its services cover research and analysis of training needs, development and implementation of training plans, and training assessment.

1. Training for international and domestic standard certification courses:

As an authorized certification training service provider for international and domestic manufacturers such as Oracle and RedHat, it can provide industry-standard certification courses, organize training and testing, and assist on-the-job trainees in obtaining certificates.

2. Pre-job training and selection of prospective employees

Develop the most appropriate training plan according to post characteristics; assist the enterprise in training assessment of prospective employees.

3. Train the Trainer (TTT):

Train internal trainers for the enterprise, including comprehensive services such as selection of trainers, training of communication skills, analysis and establishment of course requirements, and courseware making.

4. Courseware R&D:

Provide materials for the enterprise’s internal knowledge base and for instructions by internal trainers.

5. On-line learning:

CS&S Private School, a learning platform for technical personnel with certain work foundation, provides the most challenging technical courses instructed all by front-line trainers. It can help trainees to quickly enhance their personal technical level.

III. Teaching Force

1. Professional technical team:

The technical team of the Center consists of five functional units, including professional trainers, teaching R&D, courseware R&D, teaching support, and quality control. All team members have over 10 years of experience in enterprise training. During training implementation, it can provide a professional and stable project team for the enterprise, accurately understand the enterprise’s training needs, develop efficient training plans and tailor high-quality teaching resources to comprehensively ensure that each project can be completed with high quality.

2. Senior expert team:

The Center is blessed with a professional team made up of more than 300 senior consulting experts and part-time trainers having rich industry experience and instruction experience and averagely with over 7 years of work experience in the industry. They are capable of independently developing courses and writing training plans, thus to provide strong technical support for satisfying individual needs at each level of the enterprise.

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